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  • The Right Projects at the Right Price

  • The Right Projects at the Right Price

Cost estimating for major infrastructure projects: discover an approach that’s setting the standard for accuracy and consistency

Benchmark Estimating is a specialist construction cost engineering practice with expertise in civil engineering and infrastructure. Established in the UK in 2007, we provide cost engineering, training, and estimating software for owners, contractors, engineering consultants and other organisations.

Our approach is to combine this construction know-how with estimating and scheduling best practice. This provides our clients with an independent, expert view of the cost, schedule and risk of projects and programmes.

Our first principles approach and its advantages


We have built our team on the fundamental belief that to get an accurate cost we need to combine good estimating expertise with practical construction knowledge.


We tailor our estimates to the nuances of a project including where it is in the project life-cycle stage.


We deliver estimates to cover the lifecycle of a project, as the design goes from 20% to 50% to 80% to 100%. The estimates for each stage develop as more design details become available.


Our estimating services include negotiating prices on behalf of the client, which we can do with a real understanding of construction processes.

A combination of estimating expertise and in-depth understanding of construction processes

We go beyond the figures. Our belief is that estimating expertise alone is never enough – it needs to be augmented with in-depth construction know-how for truly accurate estimating and scheduling.

Two decades of handling projects of up to

£6 billion

Ways in which Benchmark cost engineering can help