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Drawing on the core strengths of Benchmark engineers and software

  • We have the expertise and innovative software to handle even the most challenging cost/benefit analyses, however complex the project
  • Through our thorough understanding of both construction and maintenance costs, we are able to give our clients a clear understanding of the financial implications incurred by various design and project options
  • Our templates and reports always outline the inputs, processes and outputs used in developing our economic evaluation
  • We clearly outline what information and inputs are needed from the client during the development of a particular project

Benchmark cost-benefit analysis in action

A recent economic evaluation we undertook for a proposed transport initiative provides a good illustration of how our services work.

The project involved the following inputs.

  • Project costs including comparison to a base case
  • Construction delivery timing
  • Maintenance costs
  • Evaluation period (30 years)
  • Discount rates (including sensitivity analysis)
  • Traffic volumes (including heavy vehicles)
  • Benefits for the project such as crash cost savings and travel time savings

Probabilistic estimates

To support the final business case for the project, we developed probabilistic cost estimates for various options. These were then fed into the project economic evaluation. Finally, we produced an economic evaluation report, which was used by the client in presenting the business case for the project.