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Our construction and estimating know-how gives us the an understanding of precisely what’s needed to assess and manage project risk and provide accurate, complete lifecycle cost estimates.

With the right understanding, planning and management, project cost over-runs can be avoided.

For over 15 years, Benchmark Estimating has provided cost estimating services to thousands of infrastructure projects and developed a best practice approach based on first principles estimating to ensure infrastructure managers have clear control over their projects.

Our Cost Estimating services are renowned for accuracy, consistency, professionalism and industry-leading knowledge across a wide spectrum of engineering practices to bring value and a deep level of understanding to every project.

As consulting cost engineers, Benchmark Estimating Ltd delivers the same expertise and knowledge as a bidding contractor but with the advantage of complete independence. An independence which provides clients with robust benchmarking and evaluation of contractors’ cost submissions to ensure they deliver value for money.

  • First principles estimating. Our in-depth knowledge of how the project is built contributes significantly to the process of obtaining accurate estimates.
  • Provide estimates through the lifecycle of a project, as the design goes from early stage conception through to a final detailed design.
  • Estimating of variations.
  • Expert estimator service, negotiating prices on behalf of the client.
  • Pricing to the design not just a rate, utilising our trademark understanding of the differences between various projects and options.

Looking beyond the numbers, our team considers the constructability issues to tailor the estimate to the nuances of the project.