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Environmental Management Policy

Benchmark Estimating Ltd aims to deliver the highest quality service regarding the provision of cost engineering services for industries involved in construction projects and the design and provision of bespoke training courses.

We aim to do this whilst also ensuring our commitment to the protection of the environment including the prevention of pollution. We are committed to ensuring that our work activities are as environmentally sound as possible. We achieve this by considering all our environmental aspects, especially ones seen as significant to the organisation and ensuring the impact of these aspects are reduced when practical by considering the following areas:

  • Sustainability of resources to ensure our products are as sustainable as possible
  • Co2 measurements with the aim to reduce our impact on climate change

We also ensure to fulfil all our legal compliance obligations by monitoring changes in environmental legislation and implementing new controls when applicable.

We are committed to the continual improvement of our environmental management system by ensuring effective monitoring and implementation of actions within the company. We also set environmental objectives on at least a yearly basis, which ensures we are always striving to improve our systems through measurable data.

We ensure that this policy is communicated and understood within our organisation. It is also available to any interested party who may wish to have a copy.

Mark Rowe, UK Manager

Cert No. EMS758730