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Cost estimating and scheduling for major infrastructure projects: discover
an approach that’s setting new standards of accuracy and consistency

Benchmark Estimating is specialist cost engineering consulting practice with vast experience of delivering a wide range of major construction projects, particularly in the infrastructure, utilities and civil engineering sectors.

Working with contractors, consultants, design companies and many other organisations, we follow at all times the five first principles that underpin everything we do. This approach equips us with a problem-solving way of thinking that has helped us to streamline estimating processes whilst improving their consistency and reliability.

Our reputation

Our estimating services are renowned for their accuracy, consistency and professionalism.

Fresh insights

Whatever the project, we bring value and a deep understanding to the proceedings

First principles cost engineering

Cost estimating and scheduling for major infrastructure projects that’s setting new standards of accuracy and consistency

Economic evaluation

Our services include economic evaluation – providing independent, unbiased assessments of proposed infrastructure projects, for or against.

It’s a service that gets right to the heart of project viability.


A way of working that goes beyond the figures.

Our experience tells us that estimating expertise alone is not enough: it needs to be augmented with construction know-how for truly accurate estimating and scheduling.


Sustainability is the single biggest issue facing the construction industry today.

When undertaking estimating, we can assign a carbon value to every single construction material and activity, allowing you to see the carbon footprint of the entire project. This can then be used to either look for more sustainable materials or introduce carbon offsetting measures.

Ways in which Benchmark cost engineering can help