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We set budgets for every stage of a project’s lifecycle and for each and every aspect of the construction process itself.

Materials, people, regulations, project details, scope, permits – we manage all of the facets that make up the construction process.

We know that unexpected circumstances can occur in even the best of managed projects – and so we plan for them. This includes looking for challenges that could cause project interruptions and result in delays or cost over-runs.

At the very outset we undertake a clear analysis of what is needed to complete a project successfully – and what could cause setbacks. We then build in detailed checks and balances to ensure that throughout the project we keep it on track and to budget.

Ways our team helps

  • Assists with feasibility studies
  • Studies carefully all architectural and engineering plans
  • Sets budgets for every stage of a project
  • Anticipates cost challenges and builds in detailed checks and balances to avoid them
  • Creates project benchmarks
  • Communicates with you throughout the project
  • Reviews and assesses project timelines
  • Resolve scope creep and any other project slow downs
  • Undertakes ongoing assesssment of the project and looks for possible areas for improvement

Cost reviews and contract sum negotiation

We have vast experience acting as independent estimators for clients. Our estimating process is similar to those of contractors bidding for the project, enabling direct comparison of their estimates with ours. This means that both sides are on the same page thus facilitating agreement.