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Exciting news for  Benchmark Estimating Ltd, MIEngineers,  and Benchmark Estimating Software.

A great partnership with Whiteoak to assist our growth into the future.

Amy-Ruth MacDonald CEO

As CEO of Benchmark Estimating Ltd (UK) and MIEngineers (Australia), I am pleased to announce a new partnership with leading growth equity firm Whiteoak to grow our operations across the UK and Australia.

Whiteoak’s investment in Benchmark Estimating Ltd is testament to its recent growth and industry tailwind in the construction market which uses our cost estimating, training, and infrastructure services.

This allows us to provide our clients with an expanded service offering; without compromise to the high-quality services that is synonymous with our brand.

As well as increasing our capacity across the UK and Australia, we will now also focus on enhancing our digital capabilities, ensuring that our clients benefit immediately from new and leading technologies, systems and processes.

We understand that our clients are also entering new business trajectories as the world’s infrastructure demands rapidly evolve, and our ability to better use data will deliver world class infrastructure, in a more competitive environment.

When our management team started to consider the value of private equity, it was personally important to us that we partner with a company with values closely aligned to our own, and that we carefully consider the benefits to our own personnel as well as to our clients. I’m grateful to our executive team, including Mark Rowe and Mat Henn for their ongoing support.

We are pleased to say that our team is excited to service a wider range of infrastructure projects and geographies and are embracing the opportunities to grow their careers during an exciting time in our industry.

We would like to formally welcome Whiteoak’s Lorcan Barden and Udhav Goenka to our newly formed Board of Directors, joining myself and Rob MacDonald.

Whiteoak has also made an investment in Benchmark Estimating’s sister company, Benchmark Estimating Software led by CEO Frank Prestipino. Our companies will operate separately with discrete management teams, strategic plans and funding streams however we will continue to work closely together to best serve our clients.  

As always, we remain available to all our valued current and future clients to discuss how we can best deliver for you, and I look forward to updating you during the next phase of our growth and development. 

Amy-Ruth MacDonald